The Time Traveler's Pocket Guide

In 2011, I wrote, illustrated, and designed a parody travel guide titled "The Time Traveler's Pocket Guide." The book contains advice such as what to do when you meet your past or future self, bad reasons for time traveling, instructions for the time travelers' secret handshake, and - of course - emergency cut-out muttonchops.

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Magpie Luck

I started my first online comic in 2002, and have worked on many stories in the medium in the years since. My most recent project (now on hiatus) is Magpie Luck, a comic strip about a time traveler for hire and her sentient gas cloud companion.

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Sketchbook Buc'n

In the ages-old debate of "jocks vs. nerds," I am firmly in the "these are not mutually exclusive" camp. As a diehard Pittsburgh Pirates fan, I've commited myself to doing a sketch per game for the 2012 season. The project was featured on ESPN Playbook in July 2012.

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